Pallet Stacker 3D ModelA 3D model of a pallet stacking conveyor designed for Pallequip.


Stacker leg post detail drawing.

An example of the detail manufacturing drawings for the above pallet stacking conveyor.

Design and Detail Drafting

Originally a mechanical drafting business, new opportunities have allowed us to grow and offer expertise in other drafting disciplines.

Our Drafting Office

The bulk of our work is handled in our Bundaberg office by a small team of draftsmen and a number of skilled casuals to help accommodate peak workloads. Most work can easily be sent electronically with minimal site visits to save costs.


We keep up-to-date with the latest Autodesk products, predominantly using Inventor and AutoCAD Mechanical, to produce most of our clients' work. With new clients and drafters coming on board, we are increasing our exposure to a broad range of specialist programs. We have the skill to produce niche productivity and drawing database programs.

Working on-site

We can easily accommodate any necessary site visits to perform measurements or attend meetings to discuss the work. Our staff are experienced in heavy industrial sites and can attend any required site inductions and comply with site Health and Safety requirements. We can also supply drafting personnel to reside on-site for long or short term contracts. This suits temporary vacancies such as filling in for annual leave, shutdown, commissioning or duration of a construction project.

Professional Drafters

We are always looking for skilled drafting professionals with life and industry experiences beyond basic drafting who add value to our business for our clients. Skills such as software programming, engineering degrees, trade background, digital arts, manufacturing experience. If you are a draftsman or engineer with some of these qualities, we would like to hear from you.



Professional design and drafting in the following fields:
MECHANICAL - Machinery, piping, P&ID's, detailing.
STRUCTURAL - Modelling, steel detailing, industrial.
ELECTRICAL - LV Switchboard design, circuit diagrams.
ARTISTIC - Model animations & renderings for presentations.

Hire Professional Staff

Request one of our Engineering, Design or Drafting professionals to fill the vacancies in your offices.
We can discuss supplying labour towards projects on a temporary or long term basis, saving you the hassle of finding experienced and skilled professionals.





Current Positions

Check here to view our positions vacant or to send us your resume for consideration.
This year looks to be shaping up as an exciting and challenging year with multiple projects presenting themselves, all requiring draftsmen of varying levels and fields. We'll also need to look at Supervisory and Engineering personnel as well. So check for position descriptions and send your details if you're an exceptional candidate.