Pipe Spool 3D ModelThis pipe spool was modelled for Rio Tinto using Inventor and presented with a realistic render using Autodesk Showcase 2012.P&ID DrawingHere is an example of one of the many P&ID's produced for companies in mining, food and water treatment industries.

Mechanical Drafting

3D Modelling

When designing or capturing existing equipment or structures we utilise Autodesk Inventor 2013- the latest state-of-the-art parametric modelling software. Once a detailed three-dimensional model is produced, it can be used to refine your design, create general assemblies, check for physical interferences and stress points, detailed workshop drawings, animate moving components, create artistic representations and animations. It can even be exported for CNC machining and physics testing in other software.


Autodesk's AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 is the industry standard for 2D drafting software. It can import and export all other major CAD file types. Marked up drawings can be revised adhering to site drafting standards and using industry standard drafting protocols.

Piping ISO's and P&ID's

A summary of our piping work for customers includes:
Piping ISO's, workshop drawings and repair checksheets for all HP and LP spools up to 900NB for a Rio Tinto alumina refinery.
Piping ISO's and P&ID's for several iron ore mines and water treatment plants.
Plant capture and P&ID development for international beverage company.

Industrial Site Access

Engineering project involvement.
Measuring of machinery or plant for as-built drawings or reverse engineering.
Site inductions and training.

Industry Examples

Conveyors- screw, belt, chain, rotary basket.
Wharves- ship loaders and unloaders, reclaimers.
Refinery- pressure vessels, pressure piping, crushers, pumps.
Food Processing- pallet conveyors and stackers, process and instrumentation diagrams, plant layout.
Minesite- water treatment/desalination plant, commissioning support.

Design and Detail Drafting

Confidently engage us to produce your company’s mechanical and electrical design drafting requirements for mechanical and electrical machinery or plant.
We’ll produce 3D models for engineering analysis or simply demonstration or artistic presentation. Working drawing sets for construction, capture your products detail by reverse engineering or your plant by conducting site as-built inspections, mark-up & revise construction drawings.

Drafting Service

Hire Professional Staff

Request one of our Engineering, Design or Drafting professionals to fill the vacancies in your offices.
We can discuss supplying labour towards projects on a temporary or long term basis, saving you the hassle of finding experienced and skilled professionals.





Current Positions

Check here to view our positions vacant or to send us your resume for consideration.
This year looks to be shaping up as an exciting and challenging year with multiple projects presenting themselves, all requiring draftsmen of varying levels and fields. We’ll also need to look at Supervisory and Engineering personnel as well. So check for position descriptions and send your details if you’re an exceptional candidate.