3D Modelling

3D Modelling

Draftsource provide 3D Modelling services using the latest 3D Modelling software including Autodesk Inventor® to empower clients to take their design to the next level.

We enable clients to visualise designs throughout various stages of development. This is particularly beneficial for prototyping and product development. It is also a powerful tool for designing and visualising complex shapes, designs and assemblies. 3D Modelling of equipment and components reduces time and cost of manufacture and construction while improving operator safety. 3D models assist to mitigate design issues prior to manufacture or construction. Once a detailed three-dimensional model is produced, it can be used to refine your design, create general assemblies, check for physical interferences and stress points, generate detail workshop drawings, animate moving components and create artistic animations. Files can also be exported for manufacture and analysis in other software.

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3D Model Example

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